Most of the containers moved across the globe are provided by the shipping line on a lease basis for the customer to use in a set period of time. If the customer does not return the container in this short period they can face massive demurrage penalty costs.

A way around this is to use their own container that is certified for Shipping use. This gives the customer the freedom to keep the container on site at both their packing and unpacking locations. They can also re-sell the container once they have finished with it at their international location.

It is also popular for major businesses when they need to move their manufacturing plant overseas and need the containers onsite at both ends for as long as possible.

Most commonly used Shipper owned containers are 20ft, 40ft Highcubes and 40ft Opentops for out of gauge equipment.

Total Containers have all of this equipment on hand as well as IICL Certified Surveyors who will provide you with an CSC Certificate up to 2 years which will give you plenty of time to move your goods.

We can also provide onsite CSC Certification of your equipment on site for any urgent shipments you require.

Any enquiries for Shipper owned containers, Opentops, reefers or Flatracks we have both the stock and capabilities to help you out.