Victoria has a booming transport industry with all sorts of goods that requires unique and varied transport options. We here at Total Containers understands these and cater with a wide range of containers on offer.

Flatracks are now a highly sought after containerised solution for the transport industry due to its versatility and ability to move out of gauge equipment.

Ideal for all oversize equipment including concrete castings, boats, large Coils and Piping Flatracks are the preferred choice for handling oversized bulky equipment.

Flatracks either have folding, removable or fixed ends depending on the requirement. They also come with extra lashing points and an increased Mass Gross weight up to 45 tonne.

Four Post Flatracks are very popular as a reliable mode of transporting extra long lengths like piping, logs and cabling.

Outside of the transport industry Flatracks once folded have been used for clever use like Farm bridges (over creeks), dividing walls for Mini Mix businesses and walkways modified with hand rails.

As Flatracks are very specialised they can be as rare as hens teeth and hard to find in Victoria. Total Containers will always do what we can to secure as many Flatracks as possible when they come onto the market to ensure we can supply you with your Flatrack requirements when you get the urgent requirement.