What is the weight of empty shipping containers?

  • Empty Tare Weight
  • 20 foot container 2.25 ton or 2200kg
  • 40 foot container 4 ton or 3950kg

How secure are the shipping containers?

Shipping Containers are as secure as any storage you will find. If we fit the container with a lockbox the only way someone can break in is to cut into the steel with a heavy duty grinder which is generally too much of a risk for anyone to attempt.

Can you choose the colour of your container?

For the just standard range of 2nd hand Shipping containers they are in the original shipping container company’s colours which are usually brown or green. However we offer a repainting service in which your container can be painted in whatever colour you choose. This is ideal especially if you are trying to match other buildings on your property or you want the container painted in your company’s colours.

What surface should the container be placed on?

Containers can be placed directly onto any type of solid surface including dirt however it is always recommended that you place the container off the ground to keep the under structure away from the grounds moisture. Garden sleepers are very suitable. Our drivers will ensure your container is level as possible however it is always best to ensure your area is cleared and reasonably level prior to delivery.

Is there any condensation issues with your containers?

Most shipping containers come with Ventilation as standard and will be enough ventilation for most dry storage goods. However if you are storing any product that  has some type of moisture content to it, we recommend the installation of a Whirlybird and extra ventilation. Total Containers can offer this service prior to delivery.

Can we pick our own container?

Yes — Absolutely. We always encourage an inspection, however if you cannot make it we are happy to send you photos of the container we have chosen to ensure complete peace of mind.

What are the payment methods for hire containers?

Payment of the 1st 30 days rental in advance along with the transport delivery and pick up charge. A direct debit or credit card charge is set up and applied on the 1st of each month thereafter for the ensuing months hire.

What are the payment methods for sale containers?

We accept payment in Cash/Company Cheque/EFT/Credit card (Visa/Master) or Debit card. Note Credit cards attract a service fee. Unless on Account, all payments must be receipted prior to release of the container.

If we purchase shipping containers, will you buy them back at a later date?

Yes, most container companies will not buy back containers they have sold so we are happy to buy your container. In fact we will happily offer you a purchase price on any container you have, even if you didn’t buy it off us.

Do I need council permission?

Generally no, but some councils can have regulations regarding containers. Best to consult with your local council.

Do you deliver to regional areas?

Yes, through the use of our network of regional transport companies we can deliver to any part of Victoria. Sometimes we can get ‘backloads’ where we can pass the savings onto you.

How are they delivered?

For 20ft Containers we use a tilt tray, which gently slides the container off the back of the truck.

For 40ft Containers we use a Sideloader which lifts the container off from the drivers side of the truck. We also can offer Sideloader deliveries for 20fts and have access to Hiab and crane trucks for the tight spots.

Can I arrange my own transport?

Yes customers are welcome to arrange their own transport.