Total Containers provide the best quality new, refurbished or as-is used shipping containers Ballarat has to offer. Home of the Eureka stockade and the biggest Gold Rush is the 19th century, Ballarat is a grand town steeped in a proud history.

Situated 105 Kms North west of Melbourne, Ballarat is in the heart of the Central Highlands. It is also the third largest inland city in Australia.

Whilst primary industry has slowed down from the heady days of the 1850s, other industries have flourished in Ballarat. These industries include: Tourism, Manufacturing and the emerging Renewable Energy Industry. The many wind and solar farms popping up around the outskirts of Ballarat are visible proof of this growth.

Your Shipping Container Experts

With a depot on the west side of Melbourne we can get containers out to this region promptly. Furthermore through our local friends in the transport industry we can arrange backloads so you get your container delivered as cheap as possible.

If you have a local containerised enquiry, we will make it work for you. Please get in touch with our team today.