Total Containers provide the best quality new, refurbished or as-is used shipping containers Bendigo has to offer. Located geographically in the centre of Victoria, Bendigo was the epi-centre of the Victorian Gold Rush. Gold discovered in 1851 established what is now the 4th largest inland City in Australia. A Legacy of the Gold Rush, Bendigo City Centre has some of the best examples of Victorian Architecture in Australia.

Bendigo is a thriving city with primary industries such as: Manufacturing, Agriculture and Education. Total Containers are proud to be part of the local community.

Bendigo’s Shipping Container Experts

We have a range of new and used containers in all sizes for purchase, lease and modification. We also carry Refrigerated containers to cater for the local food and wine scene.

Total Containers have you covered for all of your container needs. Whether it’s for storage on your rural property, or refrigeration for your winery in Heathcote.

If you have a local containerised enquiry, we will make it work for you. Please get in touch with our friendly team today.