Sale originated as a Gold Field town and grew over the years thanks to the development of the local Port. Sale became the first major Oil and Gas service centre in Australia when in 1965 Australia’s first Offshore Well was drilled off the coast.

Today it is still the major centre for Exxon Mobil Oil and Gas fields in the Bass Strait including the Marlin B Platform and Kipper Subsea Well.

Total Containers stock a fleet of DNV Rated Offshore Containers and Baskets all certified to DNV 2.7-1 ready to service any urgent jobs both in Sale and any other region of Victoria.

Our Modification workshop can also build any customised containers including Rigging lofts, portable workshops and Shelving Containers.

We can also supply 10, 20 and 40ft Containers both new and used for the local farming communities in the region.

If you have a local containerised enquiry, we will make it work for you. Please get in touch with our friendly team today.