Mat From Taylors Hill

G’day Ridge

Thank you for your help and reduced price for our container. We were a little nervous at the time of delivery because while we knew the ground was firm enough to support a side-loader, the driver did not. Nor was the placement an easy one being at the very rear of the block with the truck needing to get close to the fence to drop it in place. Nonetheless, the driver arrived on time and after receiving our instructions, he did exactly what was asked of him without complaint. We were very happy with the delivery process.

We have constructed a crushed rock and timber ramp and the container is now storing some of the equipment we use to maintain the on-site plants and process the green waste we produce. Prior to having this storage, everything needed to be transported to and from site. It promises to be a very positive addition to our facility and one about which we are all excited.

We will not hesitate to recommend your organisation to anybody who is interested in shipping containers and in fact have done so already as one of trainees made note of your details on the container for somebody they know.