Inspired our logo

How many containers can you fit in each other??? Our brand new 6ft, 8ft and 10ft containers stored in each other like a ‘nesting doll’. Hands up if you can see the what inspired our logo?

We do CSC Certs

Did you know we can re-certify your container? Shipping containers used for international or interstate transport via rail or sea must have a valid safety approval plate or CSC plate. This is a service we can provide for you – If you are looking at relocating your container please get in touch for more info!

Containers vs Sheds

Here’s why more and more people are using shipping containers in replacement of a shed! 1) They are wind and water tight, this will keep your items safe and sound from weather damage 2) They are vermin proof, no mice or spiders will be making their way inside 3) They have ventilation points to keep More…

Extra space needed?

Working from home but don’t have enough room in the house? Need a workshop but don’t have a garage/shed? How about a teenagers retreat? This 20ft container with PA door and glass sliding window is perfect for just that and more! Here’s a build we delivered to a customer today. We even organised a crane More…